Elite Dangerous

The Lavecon Screenshot Competition - see below for details

The Lavecon Elite Dangerous Screenshot Competition


This is an open competition to find the best screenshots taken from Elite Dangerous.

The best screenshot will win a set of FIVE Limited Edition Elite Dangerous pens and a Bose Mini Soundlink II Portable Bluetooth Speaker acknowledging your skill, creative eye and timing.

There is no charge for entry and after assessing all the entries the 12 best screenshots will be shortlisted and presented in a live video event at the Lavecon 2021.  (Attendance at the video event is not necessary to win.)

In addition, each of the shortlisted screenshots will earn their commander a Limited Edition Elite Dangerous pen, a specially designed high-quality metal pen  featuring a built-in torch and smartphone screen-dibber.

Enter today - Let's see what you've got...

Screenshot Pen 1

The Limited Edition "Elite Dangerous" pen

Bose Speaker 1

The Bose Mini Soundlink II

For each shortlisted screenshot - Get a Pen!

Send NO MORE THAN THREE screenshots as email attachments to info@koverart.co.uk and include:

Your name
Your CMDR Name
A title for each screenshot
Any description or comments you wish to make about each screenshot (optional)

Elite Pen 1   

These limited-edition metal Elite Dangerous pens feature a smooth-writing ballpoint, a long-lasting and bright torch and a smartphone screen dibber.

Elite Pen 2   

The Rules

  1. Each entry must be emailed to info@koverart.co.uk by the start of Lavecon 2021 to be considered.
  2. Each entry must be a jpg file as an attachment to an email including
    1. The full name of the person who took the screenshot. 
    2. Their commander name in Elite Dangerous.
    3. A title for the screenshot.
    4. A description of the screenshot (system, planet, situation, etc) - This is optional.
  3. There is a limit a three entries per person (per commander)

  4. The selection of winner will occur during an event occurring during Lavecon.
  5. Presence at the event at LaveCon is not required in order to win the competition.
  6. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.